Wildflower Fiber Group

Welcome to the Wildflower Fiber Group!Welcome to beautiful East Texas and the Wildflower Fiber group!

Our mission is to create, educate, and maintain a living, dynamic fiber arts culture that fosters interest in traditional methods, supports new and innovative ideas and techniques and promotes local fiber producers and artists. learn more about our group

Each member has an Online Studio and Store on the site. In addition, our Wildflower Fiber Online Store organizes all of our offerings including fiber, wool, hand-knitted items, jewelry, and even llamas! We also offer significant resources about the fiber arts, and links of interest to related sites.

Although we no longer sponsor the Wildflower Fiber Retreat or the annual Knitting Camp, we support East Texas Fiber Artists of all kinds as well as local fiber producers and independent yarn dyers. We help others in our area to connect to share our passions and knowledge.

Periodic postings of items for sale by friends of our group are available as well in The Attic.

Enjoy your visit to Wildflower Fiber!

Knitting Lessons! Learn to Weave! Connect with other fiber artists in East Texas! Contact The Pearly Queen, Midge Jackson Tyler TX. pearlyqueentex@gmail.com.